About Us

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Our names is Little James, Steph , Matt & Elise . Parisian and we love our city !  

We are a team made up of food enthusiasts, explorers and world travelers. 

We have one common passion - The love of fantastic food (and drink!)

We liken ourselves to 'Indiana Jones' but of the food world! We're out there exploring and discovering the very best of food and drink that talented local creators have to offer. 

We provide a unique and fun way for you to experience the 'hidden gems' of your chosen destination and let you explore original sensory wonders that you'll never forget.

What we do ?

We are Food & Beverage Tour organisers with lots of knowledge. Food tour of Paris is our thing !! 

Our Food routes are unique with lots of true french delicacy and lots of fun !
For the past 15 years, Steph & James our founders travelled the world in a quest of learning the food cultural differences between each country or  indeed regions within each country! Farmers, local producers, local traders, markets, and delis, professional of food and chefs have been selected for a unique foodie experience.

Work with us :

Are you a foodie? Do you want to talk about your passion for food with like minded individuals? 

We have fantastic opportunities!

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