ORIGINAL FOOD TOURS - all around the world

We are a team made up of chefs, food enthusiasts,
bloggers, explorers and world travelers.
We have one common passion
The love of fantastic food (and drink !)

In Paris our names are Antoine, Matt, Julie and we are proud to be Parisians.

In London our names are Little James and Joe, two Londoners and big foodie

In Singapore our names are Olivia and Tom, local food enthousiasts and experts.

We are the Indiana Jones of the food world, always out there exploring and discovering the very best of food and drink, talented local artisans have to offer.



What do we do?

We are Food & Beverage Tour organisers with lots of knowledge. Food tours is OUR thing!

Our Food routes are unique with lots of true local delicacies and lots of fun!

For the past 15 years, ( Little James and steph ) travelled the world in a quest of learning the food cultural differences between each country or indeed regions within each country! Farmers, local producers, local traders, markets, and delis, professional of food and chefs have been selected for a unique foodie experience.

- We provide a unique and fun way for you to experience the 'hidden gems' of your chosen destination and let you explore original sensory wonders that you'll never forget. -

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From €100.00 per person

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City of love & history but of course city of food ! Whatever is Montmartre , le Marais , st germain or Aligre It's the Original food city ! Original Food Tours Paris
From €35.00 per person

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The world most diverse food city ! The diversity of Singapore cuisine and food scene it's just unique! Original all the way ! Original Food Tours Singapore
From S$68.00 per person

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The French food capital with legend like Paul Bocuse . Visiting Lyon with your taste buds it'd a must ! Wine and bouchon lyonnais. Original Food Tours Lyon
From €80.00 per person

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Probably the world most most famous city for wine! But not only, the regional delicacies and food artisans our world class. Original Food Tours Bordeaux
From €85.00 per person

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Welcome to Provence where lavender, olives and rosÄ— wine is king ! Come and learn about the local artisans and try the famous socca. Original Food Tours Nice
From €90.00 per person

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Eating in Hong Kong it's a national sport! Food lovers here are in heaven. Joint the hunt of the best local delicacies. Original Food Tours Hong Kong
From HK$1,000.00 per person

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The 24 hour food city ! From street food to floating markets Bangkok food scene never sleep ! Foodies all the way ! Original Food Tours Bangkok
From ฿4,700.00 per person

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Local foodies in London have so much choice ! From traditional pulled pork to craft beer. London is Europe most diverse food city. Original Food Tours London
From €120.00 per person

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From €100.00 per person

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2020 Original Food Tours program in Paris!

The Parisian Original Food Tours team wishes you a happy 2020 year to come, This year announces itself as one of the most delicious of the decade: passionate local artisans are invading the food scene of the City of Light more than ever before.

Winter in Paris

Wether in Aligre, Saint Germain, Montmartre or in the central Marais area (the best places to book a food tour!) indulge yourself with every guillty pleasure Paris has to offer. Is there anything more comforting to start the day than biting in some freshly baked croissant or pain au chocolat while sipping a hot roasted coffee, walking along the Seine?  Once

Certificate 2019

Thank you so much to Everyone involve !! Great news :) We are looking forward to a great end of year . We would like to thanks all our clients .We would also like to thanks all partners and suppliers for great collaboration. We will soon organize a little something to celebrate:) For now ... let's keep going :) #originalfoodtours #foodtours #visitparis #parisfoodtour

Spring in Paris

Is there anything better in the world than taking a seat at a pavement cafe in Paris with a coffee or a glass of wine watching the world go by? At any time of year it is one of the great pleasures of life but there is something about the first warm sun of the year that takes the experience to a whole new level. At last real warmth in the rays playing on the beautiful Hussman architecture of the capital,