Our tours

Original Old Town Food Tour in Nice

Welcome to Nice - Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur !

From the famous Place Masséna to the heart of the old town, Nice inspire people everyday due to the local architecture and because of the fantastic regional food ! Unique to Nice and its region, some dishes built a big part of the french culture. Have you ever tried the "salade niçoise", the "ratatouille" or even the socca ?

Come with us and discover plenty tastings from south of France !

Tuesday to Sunday

10.30 AM to  2 .00 PM
3.5 Hours

100 Euros Per Person
90 Euros Kids up to 14

Original Evening Food and Wine Tour in Nice

One of the best moments to visit Nice it's in the evening, when all restaurants and bars begin to buzz!

Join us on a tour and get immersed into the Old Town, a very different way, drinking and eating local specialties. Take the opportunity to meet the locals, and to share with the shopkeepers and restaurant owners.

Your food lover and expert guide will be with you, to explain you the history of the neighborhood and to share about the quality of food you will be able to try during the tour.

Tuesday to Sunday

5 PM to 8.30 PM
3.5 Hours

110 Euros Per Person
100 Euros Kids up to 14

Original Private Food Tour in Nice

A 3 hours private food tour with some of the best artisans you can find in Nice. By choosing our private adventure you will explore an area of Nice and try several tastings with always the same rule : QUA-LI-TY

You choose the area and we will offer you different options, beeing very flexible  : this is you who personalize the tour 

From pastries to cheese : this will be the best way to get immersed into the French culture ! Your local food expert will be taking you to some of Nice hidden gem ! 

Departure time depending your schedule.

Tuesday to Sunday

3 Hours

185 Euros Per Person (adults & kids)