How to make an Original Food Tours

06/15/2024 08:23 PM

How we create a ‘Foodie Tour” 

Let me use Rome as an example. Rome has many food tours and most of them follow the same pattern. Everyone seems to copy everyone else. 

Creating an Original Food Tour is not easy in a city like this. We first had to find an area of town that had great food and was not inundated by other food tours. 

We chose Monti, tourists typically stay on the main boulevards and never descend into the historic area of the Monti where we found some Original places to stop for Street Food. 
We then interview and find the best and most dynamic guides to lead our foodie tour friends. 

And then we start to taste. We don’t just want to feed you, we want you to really experience a city and learn the history and culture through the food. There are many tours but we wanted to create the best food tour in Rome. 

Tourists rarely descend into this part of town so avoiding tourist traps  was easy but not all food is created equal. We taste and we taste a lot of food from street food to fine dining,Rome has it all. Several places did not make the cut. There were several pizza places but we wanted the best pizza in Rome and fortunately for us the best pizza in Rome is also the most Original. 
Foodie Tours need more than pizza, a culinary tour in Rome must have many examples of the typical Roman diet. We spoke with people who work in the schools, office and churches of Rome to see where they ate and what they appreciated. As a result we found the best porchetta in Rome, along with some of the best wine we have ever tasted home made by a couple who will also be giving us cheese and the best charcuterie of the region. This is an authentic Roman food tour not a copy, an Original. 

#BeAnOriginal and join us as we taste the world with you, our foodie tour friends. 

Chef Karl Wilder

My Top 5 cities for food

06/15/2024 08:23 PM

As a Chef, I am constantly asked where to find the best food. People assume my answer will be Paris, or Rome or even New Orleans and while I love them all and have never gone hungry in those wonderful cities they do not make my top 5. 

5. Bangkok, Thailand. Exciting flavours are around every corner. I thought chicken and rice was a boring dish until I had it with Alex one morning and dipped the chicken in the spicy sauce with the perfect rice. Even this simple and humble dish is a masterpiece. Some of the best meals of my life have been had in this city, from street stalls and upon occasion some restaurants. 

4. Hong Kong. I will never, ever, forget my first taste of Lotus smoked Goose. It is one of the masterpieces of the culinary world. I finished it all after a breakfast of Brisket soup. Soup is eaten in the morning to wet the stomach. Another exceptional meal was taken with my friend Natalia on a street corner at a plastic table. We could not read the menu so the chef invited me into the kitchen to point. The grilled scallop (in shell) with garlic and lemongrass topped with rice noodles was a highlight of my travelling and eating life. 

3. Marseille, France  I was there recently walking the backstreets in search of some of the best bites and it just reminded me how much I love eating in Marseille. It is Italy, Greece, Africa, and Columbia while still being French. The best ingredients and international flavours have created one of the best eating cities in France, or the world for that matter. By far one of the best bites was a woven stuffed bread filled with feta, olives, tomatoes and herbs. It was so simple,yet so memorable. And one evening while sitting and watching the sunset over the port we had mussels gratin with a great glass of Rose. Marseille is everything you expect and everything you do not. Discover it. 

2. Istanbul, Turkey. While we do not yet have a food tour there. I can't wait to build one. This Ottoman Empire is the cradle of many of the food beloved around the world. From the Simit to the Lahmacun I am never disappointed in the tastes of this incredible city.  Even the coffee here is an experience, highly caffeinated but it is the ritual and care with which it is made that will enthrall you. Almost every corner will bring you a delightful bite. 

1. Napoli, Italy. I will be heading here soon to create an Original Food tour and I can't wait. The street food is some of the best in the world and at somewhat friendly prices. The tradition of  Cuoppi Napoletani dates back to 1800. It is a cup of mixed local fried fish. It may contain shrimp, scallops, and calamari. And yes they make Cono Pizza, the crust is cone-shaped and it is stuffed with sauce, melted cheese and other goodies. You can walk the streets and never stop eating.  I remember my first pizza eaten in Napoli more than a couple of years ago. It was just the most perfect pizza ever. I was sitting on the street in front of the restaurant and I had a carafe of wine and a Margarita pizza. When I had finished every bite I had it a second time, with more wine. (I was in my 20s calories evaporate at that age). I will check back in with you once Napoli is launched. 

Chef Karl Wilder

Original Food Tour Partnership Program

06/15/2024 08:23 PM

We are seeking to partner with some of the most Original Food Tours around the world. While I will name specific cities if you think you have the most Original Food Tour in your city, anywhere in the world write to me and tell me about it.
At present, we are seeking the most Original Food Tours in Lisbon, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C., Key West and Miami.
We are trying to link Original and exciting small companies together. Together we have the strength and the power to generate strong sales around the world.

Are you Original? Send an email to

2023 Original Food Tours program in Paris!

06/15/2024 08:18 PM

The Parisian Original Food Tours team wishes you a happy 2023 year to come,

This year announces itself as one of the most delicious of the decade: passionate local artisans are invading the food scene of the City of Light more than ever before. Thus, creating Food Tours becomes all the more fun and challenging for the food lovers that we are!

As time goes by, French people become more and more demanding with their food: eating local, in season, whether at home, in the street or in a restaurant, is part of a healthy and natural movement that seems to be growing faster and faster. We’ve been convinced for a long time that visiting Paris with a local foodie tour guide can be much more than a fun experience! Starting a trip in France / Paris with a food tour is the best way for anyone to understand the French way of Life and to avoid the touristy traps forever after.

We are truly excited to take you to the best food places we’ve selected all around Paris! The finest pastries, ice creams, farmer cheeses, cured meat, wines, coffee, local beers and so much more will be all yours!

If you’re still undecided concerning the best 2020 Original Food Tours for you, here are some useful tips to help you making your mind...
  • With your Family our Walking Food Tour in Montmarte is the best choice. A great mix of sweet and savory delicacies among the windmills and the vineyards of the lively Montmartre!
  • For Lovers we recommend you to take the Sweet and Savory Food Tour in Saint-Germain (in the heart of the Left Bank). Plenty of fine tasting in a very romantic atmosphere and setting!
  • If you are Big Foodies join our Marais Food Tour! With its legendary Marché des Enfants Rouges and its several stops you’ll know everything about the Parisian way of eating!
  • If you’ve got a Sweet Tooth, the best for you is to taste the great variety of Pastries and Chocolate Saint-Germain as to offer!
  • The Aligre Market in the morning and the Bistrologie and Wine tour in Montmartre at night, are probably the greatest choices for a bunch a friends who want to have fun and try lots of tasty food in a local and warm atmosphere!

We are looking forward to meeting on a Food Tour,see you very soon in Paris! 

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Winter in Paris

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Have you ever visited Paris in December?

Wether in Aligre, Saint Germain, Montmartre or in the central Marais area (the best places to book a food tour!) indulge yourself with every guillty pleasure Paris has to offer.
Is there anything more comforting to start the day than biting in some freshly baked croissant or pain au chocolat while sipping a hot roasted coffee, walking along the Seine?  Once you've said hello to the majestic Eiffel Tower, don't be afraid of losing yourself in the charming streets of the capital - you'll probably come across a local food market such as the Aligre market or the unique Marché des Enfants Rouge, both full of seasonal treats: French oysters with a glass of Chardonnay, or a platter of cheeses and a bit of vin chaud will be the best apéritif you could get before a hot lunch in a traditional little brasserie!

Thanks to the generous and authentic food tours our Original Food Tours Paris team has prepared for you, you'll always remember your stay in Paris!

Visiting Paris in winter offers so many amazing opportunities: ice-skating in the middle of the City Hall square, tasting a refined candied chestnut along with a creamy hot chocolate in a cosy tea-room, wandering around the corridors of the most beautiful museums of the City of Lights, shopping some vintage furniture in the most famous flea-market of the capital, having a pâtisserie made by a highly-talented Meilleur Ouvrier de France or simply sharing a good dinner in an intimate restaurant to warm both your soul and your heart! 

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Tripadvisor Certificate

06/15/2024 08:17 PM


Thank you so much to Everyone involve !! Great news :) We are looking forward to a great end of year . We would like to thanks all our clients .We would also like to thanks all partners and suppliers for great collaboration. We will soon organize a little something to celebrate:)
For now ... let's keep going :)
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Spring in Paris

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Is there anything better in the world than taking a seat at a pavement cafe in Paris with a coffee or a glass of wine watching the world go by?  At any time of year it is one of the great pleasures of life but there is something about the first warm sun of the year that takes the experience to a whole new level.  At last real warmth in the rays playing on the beautiful Hussman architecture of the capital, creating diamonds of reflected light on the Seine or allowing the chic residents of the city to leave their coats at home confirms that Paris was made for the spring just as the song says! 
Spring it's also the best time for a food tour ! New vegetables in the market at Aligre , new flavors of macarons and pâtisserie in the marais and of course spring chocolate taste after a heavy Easter in st Germain. 

All we can say it's great for food ! Food tasting in Paris is to most Parisien it's every day . Hoping from delicatessen and restaurants tastings to buy but also to discover. Join us on a food adventure in our amazing city and taste : cheeses , saucisson, bread and patisserie with tone of surprises to your taste buds.

To follow steph and his team follow us on Facebook or Instagram for new pictures.

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Paris Markets

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Nothing tells you more about a nation and it’s culture than it’s street markets. Getting to understand how and what families eat is to gain an insight into the real experience of a place.


Nowhere is that more true than in Paris. The essence of the whole country is distilled into a glorious perfume in the side streets of the capital. Cheeses, mushrooms, herbs, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables and bread all take an overnight journey to arrive fresh from the countryside producers across France into the early morning mayhem that is the market.


Visit early to get the best choice and to experience the array of produce. Later in the day when Parisians arrive to purchase the essentials for dinner, the atmosphere changes and one feels a part of the great hustle and bustle of life in the city.


As with the rest of Parisian culture, there is always time to stop off for a coffee and some conversation at the roadside cafes strewn alongside the stalls or for a long lunch and a good bottle of wine.


Tiny boutique stores that co-exist with the street stalls are packed with myriad delights that represent distant parts of the country. Here flammekueche and choucroute from Alsace, next door Comte cheese from the Jura or oils and tapenade from Provence. It is like a festival for the senses every day.


To truly say you have visited Paris, a trip to a market has to be included in your itinerary and to be taken by someone who knows the stall holders and shop keepers, provides a constant supply of “tasters” along the way and then leads you to a hidden gem for lunch enhances the experience to the level of sublime.

Original Food Tours know the stall holders and shop keepers as friends and can introduce you to the hidden corners of French culture from the point of view of those who live there and the few lucky enough to be in the know. 

Food tour in Paris with locals  #visitparis #foodtours #parisfoodtour  #originalfoodtours #walkingfoodtour #eatparis 

Visit Paris

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Paris city of love but city of food and culinary art ! 2017 will again see new restaurants and artisans of the food world opening in Paris .

The left bank and st germain des près as already seen few new chocolatiers opening . In the marais two new restaurants and amazing new bakery in the Aligre area .

As for us at Original Food Tours we have new partners in both the food and tourism industry. The office du Tourisme et des congrès de Paris and few others . We have also added new food tours and experiences on viator and trip advisor. 2017 will also see our food tour been published in some of the U.K. And USA coolest food travel magazine ! We also need welcome of new member on our team in Paris . Food expert and tour leader Gilles . :) 

Not to mentions the events we organize every month with our food people and network ( artisans and restaurateur) so keep posted and look on our facebook page . 
For all your inquiries or more informations

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Paris we love you

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Paris we love you !

It's clear one of the great or even best thing about living in Paris it's the food scene !
Every day no matter what day of the year you will always find somewhere great to have something to much on. We have our favorite places or even favorite area. Aligre market open Tuesday to Sunday its Steph's favorite market .From fantastic viennoiseries from meilleur ouvrier de France 2015 to l'épicerie there is so much on offer !

But it would be unfair for Steph to unveil its superstars of the market without taking a food tour of Aligre market ! :) 

2016 saw new arrivals in the area , new dedicated artisans but most importantly they are foodies !! 

Steph says we are somehow lucky to be in Paris or at least enjoy the great treats of life such as good cheese and wine , Chocolate or patisserie.
In the space of few streets you can find the real Paris around Aligre ... yes real people with a real love for food.
Join us on a 3 hour walking food tour of Aligre  
#foodtourparis #parisfoodtour #foodtours #vivitparis 

The Bath Food Tour

06/15/2024 08:17 PM

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of Bath as a regional city.  Since the Romans came here to make it a fashionable spa town it has played host to visitors from across the world.  It thrives on the  diversity of its student population, tourists and residents alike.  A city of culture, music and literature Bath is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is no surprise then that the city was the centre of fashion for Georgian society in the 17th to early 18th centuries.  Jane Austen set some of her books in Bath and no doubt took the waters and tucked into the buns for which it is still noted, she would have loved it today with its vibrant cafe society.

The Food Festival in October and the Christmas Market attract thousands of visitors to the city but there is always something to see, smell and taste whenever one visits.

Richard Bertinet has two bakeries and one of the many cookery schools in the area.  There are gastro pubs like the Garricks Head, named after a famous actor/manager of the Theatre Royal.  Everywhere you walk there are treats to tempt you in the shop windows, cafes and restaurants.

It is impossible to come to Bath and ignore the Roman heritage, visiting the Baths, drinking the waters straight from the springs or even bathing at the Thermae Bath Spa that gives visitors a similar experience to that enjoyed by the Romans themselves.  The hot water comes from far below the Mendip Hills and leaves the earth so hot that it has to be cooled to the optimum bathing temperature. Nothing like it for working up an appetite!

The Bath food tour coming soon with Original Food Tours



Chocolate by Mindi

06/15/2024 08:16 PM

Mindi’s top 3 chocolate shops in Paris


Everyone knows that the French are dedicated to great food, and when it comes to chocolate this is no exception.  Any chocolate connoisseur will know that great chocolate starts with high quality ingredients.  Many industrial chocolate shops overuse the amount of sugar to hide cheap ingredients.  A true chocolatier will only use the best cocoa and though you will be paying a higher price, trust me, it will be worth it!  


*Jean paul hevin

If you love truffles, you must come here.  The truffles are a ball of rich, smooth perfection that strike the perfect balance.  There is a small café upstairs in the shop as well to enjoy your treats onsite.


*Arnaud Larher

Winner of “Meilleur ouvrier de France Patissier” you can be certain that this place will make quality chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth. Melt in your mouth perfection with just the right amount of sweetness.  This is also one of the various stops made on the chocolate tour ( so you can test them out yourself.


*Patrick Roger

My personal favourite chocolate shop in all of Paris.  The store itself is super sleek and you feel trendy just walking into it.  They say you never forget your first time, and you will not.  The chocolates here are incredibly smooth with delicate flavours.  A must do!



A notable mention here will be Angelina tea room.  Not only is the place necessary for anyone in Paris wanting to experience a super French tea room, the hot chocolate here is said by many to be the best in the city.  Extremely thick and rich, this hot chocolate is no joke and is literally chocolate melted into a pot for you. 


Sometimes it is hard to choose which chocolates to try in a shop because there are so many! I think it’s always good to try the basics first and then move on to the fun flavours that many of these chocolatiers experiment with.  This is the best part of joining a chocolate tour because you can get a little taste of everything and then decide for yourself what you prefer.  Paris really is a chocolate lovers dream.



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Top Croissants

06/15/2024 08:16 PM


Paris. The city of love. The city of lights. But let's get to what really matters, it is the city of croissants! A croissant is defined from Oxford Dictionary as "a French crescent-shaped roll made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast."
“Sweet flaky yeast dough" - YES please.
"eaten for breakfast" - WRONG. Can be eaten at any time.

A self proclaimed croissant connoisseur, I have searched the city far and wide for the absolute best.  So let's begin!


* Le Grenier a Pain.

 This bakery won the 2015 best croissant competition in France -The Concours du Meilleur Croissant au Beurre AOC Charentes-Poitou.  If you are fortunate enough to get one while it is still hot, then words can’t really do that experience justice.  This bakery is one of the various stops that are made  on the Montmartre walking food tour (



*Ble Sucre

Located in the 12 district of Paris near Bastille, the croissant here is O-so buttery!  The outside has an extra crunch than the others, but the inside is still soft with multiple layers.


*Boris Lume

A lesser known bakery to many, this place is truly a hidden gem.  The croissant is just perfection! They put just the right amount of butter and the inside is incredibly soft and fluffy with multiple layers throughout. 


*Yann Couvreur

This is one of the newest pastry shops in Paris the croissant is an absolute must try.  SO incredibly flaky, I am not sure how it’s even possible to bake it like that.  Come here and you will be ruined from all other croissants. 



Being a huge foodie and lover of carbs, I have been searching and doing my research all through Paris for almost 2 years now.  I have gone through various “best of” lists and you can be certain that I do my due diligence when it comes to food. If you have limited time in Paris for vacation, I would suggest doing a food tour because it allows you to try the best spots picked out by a local in the shortest amount of time. Happy croissant hunting J



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The Good Old English Breakfast

06/15/2024 08:15 PM

The Good Old English Breakfast

There was a time when Sunday began with traditional bacon, sausages and eggs garnished with tomato, beans or mushrooms.  This is still a meal that sets you up until tea-time and gives you the

perfect excuse to skip lunch and go through until afternoon tea-time without further nourishment.  

As a visitor to the UK, it is one of those things you probably don’t want to miss, especially if you take it in one of the steamy little cafes where the black cab drivers take their breaks or at one of the market stalls that also dish up “bubble & squeak” on the side.

However the first meal of the day has changed beyond recognition in the last few years.  As an English woman who actually doesn’t enjoy the old fashioned fry-up, the choice available to me at

breakfast/brunch in the capital is nothing short of a revelation.

One of my current favourite places to fill up for the day is “Gail’s” in Exmouth Market.  French toast with a mountain of maple bacon is my no.1 choice, simply delicious and not so far from the more

usual breakfast.  However the sweetcorn pancakes with avocado and yogurt are just such a good way to prepare for a good walk around Clerkenwell on a windy autumn day.

25 years ago recipes overflowing with such delicious but at the same time nourishing ingredients would have been unthinkable but the modern cosmopolitan Londoner enjoys ideas from Australia

to Morocco with his newspaper on a daily basis.

From cinnamon buns to bircher museli, breakfast is for the first time in my life, an absolute delight and possibly my favourite meal of the day.

Somerset and Cheddar

06/15/2024 08:15 PM

There is only one place to start a tour of Somerset food and that is sitting on the grass.

To fully appreciate why such wonderful cheese, butter, yogurt and cream is produced in our county, it is a good idea to spend time in the lush green valleys and flat wetlands our cows depend on to produce milk.

The process of making Cheddar cheese takes its name from the extraordinary village at the southern end of a river gorge formed in the Mendip Hills.  The best Cheddar makers in the world are here in Somerset and the names; Montgomery, Keen and Westcombe are to be found on menus in the most prestigious restaurants nationwide.

However Caerphilly has also been made in Somerset since the 1880’s and continues to be produced in Westcombe dairy.

Goats cheese too is produced here and Mary Holbrook is famed for her Tymsboro to be found on the list of Neals Yard Dairy in Borough Market in London, a testament to its quality.

In the last 20 years as the food revolution has taken hold, it has been a generation of artisan workers who create new and exciting products.

Local Chefs including the Michelin Award Winning Josh Eggleton (The Pony & Trap) demand the same high standards from their local producers that they expect in their own kitchens.  This raises the game for all and has resulted in the community here enjoying some of the best Farmers Markets, Delicatessens and specialist food shops anywhere.

From Charcuterie (Somerset Charcuterie) to hand made chocolates (The Chocolate Society), there are local businesses enabling us to buy a wealth of produce from the county. It is now possible to buy water buffalo meat, game pies, smoked venison and salami all created here in Somerset.

So whether you are cycling along the Strawberry LIne, watching otters on Shapwick Heath or shopping in Wells you will never be far from a wonderful local food producer who will be tempting you with cider, cider brandy, cheeses, chutneys or delicious pork sausages.

Somerset is a county of contrasts from the Mendip and Quantock Hills to the Levels, there is so much to see, do and EAT!


L'automne, saison de toutes les gourmandises !

06/15/2024 08:15 PM

L'automne, saison de toutes les gourmandises !



À cette époque de l’année, notre pays est divisé en deux : ceux qui regrettent déjà leur bronzage estival, la chaleur du soleil sur leur peau, les glaces léchées en bord de mer et les apéros sur la terrasse jusqu’au coucher du soleil, et ceux qui accueillent la fraîcheur matinale avec une nouvelle paire de bottines et de leggings, qui font la provision de bois pour l’hiver, et sirotent presque un vin chaud dans leur canapé. Il y a ceux qui pensent à leurs prochaines vacances à l’Île Maurice et ceux qui se voient déjà dévaler les pistes de ski tout schuss.



Et parmi ces individus en mal de rayons UV ou de neige, on trouve quelques âmes que l’intersaison n’a pas terminée d’émerveiller, pour qui l’automne est réellement la plus belle saison de l’année. Leur point commun ? La gourmandise. « L’automne, c’est la châtaigne, les noisettes, les champignons, le raisin, le chocolat, les clémentines… C’est le thé chaï fumant après une balade en forêt, à ramasser des cèpes, c’est les gaufres tartinées de crème de marrons au goûter, le risotto du dimanche midi, notre préféré, celui aux truffes, qu’on accompagne d’un verre de beaujolais. Sans parler des veloutés à la courge et au lait de coco dont je ne peux plus me passer, et des tartelettes chocolat, pécan et kumquats qui n’ont pas finies de me faire saliver », évoque songeusement Julie, gourmande invétérée, qui ne jure plus que par les derniers mois de l’année.



Car l’automne est bel et bien la saison de toutes les gourmandises, propice aux week-ends en amoureux dans la campagne française, bottes en caoutchouc aux pieds, col de la parka remonté, foulard noué autour du cou, les poches pleines de châtaignes, de noisettes et de grappes de raisin. C’est également le temps des vendanges à Montmartre, une fête incontournable où l’on célèbre le vin du Clos Montmartre depuis 1934, et celui du Festival d’Automne à Paris, un événement qui mêle théâtre, danse, art contemporain et musique depuis 1972. Et quoi de plus poétique que l’île Saint-Louis sous la lumière automnale, qu’un chocolat à l’ancienne savouré chez Angelina, que les odeurs de marrons chauds sur le Pont des Arts, que la Tour Eiffel brillant de mille feux dès la tombée de la nuit…



Et quand l’automne nous aura dévoilé toutes ses couleurs, quand les premières noix auront été concassées et les dernières gorgées de maple pumpkin spice latte avalées, lorsque les écureuils auront caché leurs provisions pour l’hiver, et les hérissons trouvé un endroit pour hiberner, alors nous pourrons célébrer les premiers gels et flocons, qui nous réservent eux aussi de bien douces surprises…



Je marche, tu marches, il/elle fait son marché… à Paris !

06/15/2024 08:15 PM

Je marche, tu marches, il/elle fait son marché… à Paris !


La douce odeur des marrons chauds, la fraîcheur de la nuit qui vient de tomber, les rires des enfants dans le square voisin, les notes sucrées d’un vin à l’orange encore brûlant, les regards complices d’un vieux couple marchant main dans la main… L’hiver, Paris met tous nos sens en émois. Quand vient le printemps, ce sont les effluves fruités des premiers arbres en fleurs et le chant joyeux des oiseaux qui réveille la capitale, nous invitant à pousser les portes des parcs et jardins tout juste en fleurs. Et voici que l’été à peine installé, on pose panier en osier, couverture, couverts et taboulés sur la pelouse fraîchement tondue du parc Monceau, dont les saules pleureurs, les bosquets et les statues, ont jadis été tant admirés par Claude Monet, qui les a peints cinq fois.

À l’heure où les feuilles se mettent à tomber, Paris vaste et élégante, dont les saisons ne font que révéler sa beauté, nous offre de quoi assouvir nos envies de réconfort. Soupes fumantes et plats mijotés annoncent les soirées cocooning qui vont venir ponctuer la fin d’année, propice aux balades dans les rues de la capitale revêtue de ses couleurs automnales, le nez bien au chaud sous une écharpe, les mains vissées dans les poches d’un gros manteau. Les commerçants préparent déjà Noël, il règne un air de fête sur Paris, et il fait bon déambuler dans les rues piétonnes et les marchés parisiens, toujours aussi animés.

Lieux de convivialité par excellence, ces derniers sont le rendez-vous préféré des promeneurs, touristes ou locaux. Tantôt abrités par des halles à l’architecture majestueuse, tantôt de plein vent, tour à tour chics ou populaires, leurs étals colorés ne cessent de titiller narines et palais. Parmi les quatre-vingts et quelques marchés alimentaires de Paris, dont le plus ancien date de 1615, impossible de ne pas trouver celui qui nous met en appétit.

Bobo, bio, cosmopolite, familial, à chacun son lieu pour remplir ses paniers et faire le plein d’authenticité. Le Marché des Enfants Rouges par exemple, situé dans le 3e arrondissement, a tout pour plaire. Fringant, historique, c’est le plus vieux marché couvert de Paris et l’on peut y manger des spécialités du monde entier. À quelques stations de métro de là, dans le 12e arrondissement, on retrouve le marché d’Aligre, dont l’aspect pittoresque déplace désormais les foules le week-end. L’ambiance rafraîchissante et les produits abordables en font un endroit couru de la capitale.

Dans le 17e, c’est le marché des Batignolles qui n’en finit pas de séduire. Ses produits bio attirent les écolos, et son large choix de fruits et légumes cultivés en grande partie dans la région en font un marché où il fait bon respirer et siroter un jus d’herbes fraîchement pressées. Dans la même veine, mais de l’autre côté de Paris, se trouve le marché de la place des Fêtes, où les maraîchers s’appliquent eux aussi à sélectionner des produits locaux et de saison.

Rencontres, découvertes, partages… Les marchés parisiens témoignent d’un patrimoine gastronomique toujours aussi vivant, où sons et odeurs, citadins et touristes, exotisme et terroir, offrent aux amoureux des plaisirs de la table un moment intemporel au cœur de Paris.

Et pourquoi ne pas terminer la promenade dominicale par une virée sur le marché aux puces de Clignancourt ou de Montreuil, ou sur les marchés spécialisés en timbres, fleurs, livres... très prisés des chineurs et collectionneurs.


Article signé par : Alice "Lili" Greetham, Créatrice culinaire

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