Top Croissants

07/22/2024 08:16 PM


Paris. The city of love. The city of lights. But let's get to what really matters, it is the city of croissants! A croissant is defined from Oxford Dictionary as "a French crescent-shaped roll made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast."
“Sweet flaky yeast dough" - YES please.
"eaten for breakfast" - WRONG. Can be eaten at any time.

A self proclaimed croissant connoisseur, I have searched the city far and wide for the absolute best.  So let's begin!


* Le Grenier a Pain.

 This bakery won the 2015 best croissant competition in France -The Concours du Meilleur Croissant au Beurre AOC Charentes-Poitou.  If you are fortunate enough to get one while it is still hot, then words can’t really do that experience justice.  This bakery is one of the various stops that are made  on the Montmartre walking food tour (



*Ble Sucre

Located in the 12 district of Paris near Bastille, the croissant here is O-so buttery!  The outside has an extra crunch than the others, but the inside is still soft with multiple layers.


*Boris Lume

A lesser known bakery to many, this place is truly a hidden gem.  The croissant is just perfection! They put just the right amount of butter and the inside is incredibly soft and fluffy with multiple layers throughout. 


*Yann Couvreur

This is one of the newest pastry shops in Paris the croissant is an absolute must try.  SO incredibly flaky, I am not sure how it’s even possible to bake it like that.  Come here and you will be ruined from all other croissants. 



Being a huge foodie and lover of carbs, I have been searching and doing my research all through Paris for almost 2 years now.  I have gone through various “best of” lists and you can be certain that I do my due diligence when it comes to food. If you have limited time in Paris for vacation, I would suggest doing a food tour because it allows you to try the best spots picked out by a local in the shortest amount of time. Happy croissant hunting J



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