Chocolate by Mindi

04/16/2024 08:16 PM

Mindi’s top 3 chocolate shops in Paris


Everyone knows that the French are dedicated to great food, and when it comes to chocolate this is no exception.  Any chocolate connoisseur will know that great chocolate starts with high quality ingredients.  Many industrial chocolate shops overuse the amount of sugar to hide cheap ingredients.  A true chocolatier will only use the best cocoa and though you will be paying a higher price, trust me, it will be worth it!  


*Jean paul hevin

If you love truffles, you must come here.  The truffles are a ball of rich, smooth perfection that strike the perfect balance.  There is a small café upstairs in the shop as well to enjoy your treats onsite.


*Arnaud Larher

Winner of “Meilleur ouvrier de France Patissier” you can be certain that this place will make quality chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth. Melt in your mouth perfection with just the right amount of sweetness.  This is also one of the various stops made on the chocolate tour ( so you can test them out yourself.


*Patrick Roger

My personal favourite chocolate shop in all of Paris.  The store itself is super sleek and you feel trendy just walking into it.  They say you never forget your first time, and you will not.  The chocolates here are incredibly smooth with delicate flavours.  A must do!



A notable mention here will be Angelina tea room.  Not only is the place necessary for anyone in Paris wanting to experience a super French tea room, the hot chocolate here is said by many to be the best in the city.  Extremely thick and rich, this hot chocolate is no joke and is literally chocolate melted into a pot for you. 


Sometimes it is hard to choose which chocolates to try in a shop because there are so many! I think it’s always good to try the basics first and then move on to the fun flavours that many of these chocolatiers experiment with.  This is the best part of joining a chocolate tour because you can get a little taste of everything and then decide for yourself what you prefer.  Paris really is a chocolate lovers dream.



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