Paris we love you

07/22/2024 08:17 PM

Paris we love you !

It's clear one of the great or even best thing about living in Paris it's the food scene !
Every day no matter what day of the year you will always find somewhere great to have something to much on. We have our favorite places or even favorite area. Aligre market open Tuesday to Sunday its Steph's favorite market .From fantastic viennoiseries from meilleur ouvrier de France 2015 to l'épicerie there is so much on offer !

But it would be unfair for Steph to unveil its superstars of the market without taking a food tour of Aligre market ! :) 

2016 saw new arrivals in the area , new dedicated artisans but most importantly they are foodies !! 

Steph says we are somehow lucky to be in Paris or at least enjoy the great treats of life such as good cheese and wine , Chocolate or patisserie.
In the space of few streets you can find the real Paris around Aligre ... yes real people with a real love for food.
Join us on a 3 hour walking food tour of Aligre  
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