How to make an Original Food Tours

07/22/2024 08:23 PM

How we create a ‘Foodie Tour” 

Let me use Rome as an example. Rome has many food tours and most of them follow the same pattern. Everyone seems to copy everyone else. 

Creating an Original Food Tour is not easy in a city like this. We first had to find an area of town that had great food and was not inundated by other food tours. 

We chose Monti, tourists typically stay on the main boulevards and never descend into the historic area of the Monti where we found some Original places to stop for Street Food. 
We then interview and find the best and most dynamic guides to lead our foodie tour friends. 

And then we start to taste. We don’t just want to feed you, we want you to really experience a city and learn the history and culture through the food. There are many tours but we wanted to create the best food tour in Rome. 

Tourists rarely descend into this part of town so avoiding tourist traps  was easy but not all food is created equal. We taste and we taste a lot of food from street food to fine dining,Rome has it all. Several places did not make the cut. There were several pizza places but we wanted the best pizza in Rome and fortunately for us the best pizza in Rome is also the most Original. 
Foodie Tours need more than pizza, a culinary tour in Rome must have many examples of the typical Roman diet. We spoke with people who work in the schools, office and churches of Rome to see where they ate and what they appreciated. As a result we found the best porchetta in Rome, along with some of the best wine we have ever tasted home made by a couple who will also be giving us cheese and the best charcuterie of the region. This is an authentic Roman food tour not a copy, an Original. 

#BeAnOriginal and join us as we taste the world with you, our foodie tour friends. 

Chef Karl Wilder