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The Original Marseilles Backstreets Tour

The Original Marseilles Food Tour

From the port to the backstreets, we make a full circle. 
Along the way, we see the Opera House the Police Building and many landmarks as we travel to the daily marketplace to taste the world of Marseilles. 

It's an astonishing place bringing together an eclectic mix of people from across the world. Marseilles is NOT France, it is Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Colombia as all the cultures meld and influence the tastes of the city. 

Simply one of the best places to eat in the world

Discover the secrets of this fascinating city as you walk the ancient streets of a city that began in 600 B.C. 

From Monday to Friday, the locals rush to its alleys where you can find fresh fish, meats seasonal fruit and vegetables. Here, we taste the world!

This is the daily marketplace so we make a short stop where you can buy some fruit or snacks for your hotel or Airbnb.

Be inspired by the melting pot of flavors as the cultures come together. 

Let's be inspired by the oldest city in France

Places of interest :

  • The Daily Food Market
  • The Opera House
  • The Beautiful Port
  • The Winding Backstreets

About the tour : 

On this tour, we only have 11 spaces. Thanks to this small number, your guide will be able to answer all your questions. Belong to the happy few, discovering the world of Marseilles
  • 8 to 10 Stops

You will be trying :

  • The local Pizza
  • Stuffed Egyptian Bread
  • Original Bites of Marseilles
  • Arabic candy
  • Wine
& few amazing surprises ( Sweat and Savory)

Little things to remember :

Bring a refillable Water bottle.
This is a walking tour, so wear comfortable footwear.
We haven't found the secret to going through the raindrops yet (but still looking for it!). So if it's rainy or even cloudy, your umbrella will be your best friend.

Because we care about the planet, we have decided to stop giving water bottles systematically. Instead, we kindly request that you bring your refillable water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated throughout your journey. By doing so, together, we can make a positive impact on our environment!

About your tour leader & guide :

Your English-speaking local tour leader and guide will take you to some of the great food shops of Marseille and you will learn about the food as you sample
Monday to Friday

10:30 to 2
3.5 to 4 Hours

109 Euros Per Person
99 Euros for kids up to 14

From €109.00 per person

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€109.00 / person


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* Children: ≤ 14 yo

You have to choose at least one people for the tour.

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