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The Evening Wine Stroll

Monti is the most happening area for Romans, a buzzing neighborhood night and day. Monti contains the favorite bars and restaurants of the locals and the most authentic food. You will recognize many of the sites from films as we explore this naturally cinematic neighborhood. 

We begin with an extraordinary rendition of a dish thought to be American Italian dating back to 1880. Learn how this delicious and iconic dish became a Roman tradition due to a famous film. 

Our highlights include acess to the best restaurants and bars in Rome with wine, wine and more wine, and prosecco and we top off your stroll with the best homemade Gelato. We teach you how to know the difference between Good and tourist trap gelato. 

This is a party, not a wine eduction class although we do welcome questions and will make sure you always know what you are drinking. 

As you drink and stroll you see the most Amazing sites including an instagram worthy view of the Colliseum at night. 

Join us for a truly unforgettable evening. 


From €125.00 per person

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