All tours Chef-Led Market Tour & Pintxo Lunch San Sebastian

Chef-Led Market Tour & Pintxo Lunch San Sebastian

The secrets of San Sebastián are revealed on this walking, eating & drinking experience you'll never forget!

San Sebastian’s La Bretxa Market is definitely one of the city’s hubs & where we go shopping every day. Rub shoulders with the neighbors and see what our favorite greengrocers, fishmongers & butchers have cooking. There’s no better way to work up an appetite as we get ready to hit the bars.

After the markets we’re off for a walk in the Old Town to learn the history & culture of the region. Along the way we will lunch on pintxos  AKA Basque tapas at 3 of our favorite bars! It's a great city walk & a wine-soaked lunch—exactly how the locals do it!  

From the modern to the traditional, from squid to veal, & from local cider to local wines the focus of this tour is definitely on Basque food & drink. Pintxo culture can be a bit confusing at first, but we’re going to teach you how it all works so you can follow up & order on your own. This is the best way to truly explore one of the world’s greatest culinary capitals.

Eat & drink like a local on this unique culinary experience!

What's Included:
A Walking Tour of San Sebastián’s La Bretxa Market & Old Town
Visit to 3 different pintxo bars for food & drinks
Minimum 5 pintxos per guest & 3 beverages:
Wine, Beer, Cider, Vermouth & Non-Alcoholic
History, Culture, Stories

What's Excluded:

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11:00 AM
We will meet you at the corner of the modern KURSAAL CONVENTION CENTER and the KURSAAL BRIDGE. Look for the Gelato Shoppe and MUKA Restaurant:

From €199.00 per person

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€199.00 / person


€199.00 / person

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You have to choose at least one people for the tour.

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